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Milwaukee, WI

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ASI$ is an extremely versatile artist and producer. A jazz guitarist at MHSA, ASI$ is well versed in music theory. In the four years since, this multidimensional composer has both expanded and refined his craft with a myriad of releases. Making his solo debut with the classic "Voodoo", ASI$ hasn't looked back since. As active VP and co-founder of the Hiii Tribe, the hazardous young talent is just warming up.

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ASI$ - "Voodoo"

ft. King Myles

...the group is at their best when they're indulging their more playful urges, which is what Hiii Tribe's Asis and King Myles do on their latest track. Set to a whimsical, vaguely tropical guitar riff that makes me want to grab a drink at Foundation, it's an animated showcase for some solid one-liners

Hiii Tribe

Essentials vol. 1


Essentials Vol. 1 compiles 10 tracks of the group’s psychoactive rap, and taken together they make a hell of a statement. “The first thing on my mind is where the dank at?” one of the guys raps on “Run It Up,” getting right to business.

ASI$ - "Voodoo"

ft. King Myles


This is a track that grows on you, almost literally. The self-produced track revolves around a guitar riff that kicks off the song, the sound builds as the track goes on, and the energy continually jumps up, leading to the featured verse from King Myles to shut the track down.