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Milwaukee, WI

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We are committed to using our platform to make our communities a better place. We strive to highlight areas of need to raise awareness and take action to create positive change. 


We've created this initiative to bring awareness and resources to the growing homeless population in Milwaukee. Areas such as the "Tent City" have been riddled with ill-opportunity, violence and despair. Furthermore, local publications have misconstrued the stories of many of these individuals in need. We believe in making the city of Milwaukee a better place for everyone, starting with those who may need it the most.

We are currently accepting donations at every Hiii Tribe event. Materials such as blankets, clothes, bottled water and canned goods are in high need. Monetary donations are also highly appreciated and we ensure that 100% of the proceeds are used to benefit the homeless community in our city. You can also contact us directly to make donations and contribute in any way possible. Click the contact button below and join the initiative.