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June 6, 2017

June 4, 2017

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June 6, 2017

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June 4, 2017

Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.

Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.


If you grew up in these streets then you know it all ends up the same. 

Praying you will not get caught up in the crossfire that is going down the block.

Your parents telling you that you cannot sit on the front porch

because it is no longer safe.

Knowing that the people past your house are packing because

no one leaves the house without their glock attached to their hip

so they can pull it out quickly in case

someone gets too close to their face.

Pulling the trigger without even thinking. 

Adrenaline so high it's as if your heart is trying to win a race.


Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.

Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.


Became a part of everyday life where you live.

These were some of the influences that have shaped you since you were a kid

and you can't escape it.

If you move away the memories stay in your mind where they remain to sit.

Watching your family slowly being torn apart

because they allowed these things to get ahold of their minds 

which then gains control of their heart. 


Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.

Weed. Dope. Fighting. Gunshots.


indicate their future and life.

Your aunt becoming your uncles unhappy wife. 

Living down to his family expectations,

letting the streets become his new form of communication.

Granny's little sports bar is behind bars,

because he allowed the 



If you grew up in these streets, you know it all ends the same.


Your family praying you will not end up in a grave. 









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